Thursday, 15 February 2018

Minimalistic Design Approach for your Business Website

Succeeding great design for your website is the key to making that first impression that matters in this market bursting off its seams with competitors. Both the web and mobile app development companies India have realised lately, the importance of great design (and not just some average design) for their clients in interactive with visitors and leads. Although the perception of design is a very subjective thing, there are a few elements in design that call out to everyone in more or less the same way. But the scope of perception widens with the number of different elements one uses in the design space. So the key to achieving a common consensus of your targeted audience, on what you create is minimalistic design approach. Apart from the apparent simplicity with less confusion, simplistic design approach has always been considered quite comprehensive.

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Now many of you may wonder how you can achieve great design with minimum number of elements. Isn’t stuffing ‘more and more number of elements that speak for the purpose’ the right way to do it? Erm, not always, and in this write-up, you will see why.


To make sure the pictures you use align with the minimalistic nature of the page, the photography should be done with magnificence in mind. Although to keep things simple, you might as well be clicking pictures of your product lying on the table. But you shouldn’t because it is only the perception of users that is simple for the design in this case, but not the techniques and methods you use to come up with that kind of design. Use a good camera i.e at least a DSLR, exceptionally good proportions of light, optimum camera angles, and subject’s contrast with the solid backdrop.

Colour Coding

Whether we talk about Android apps development companies or the ones that deal in web-based technologies; the importance of colour coding is quite apparent to both. With the introduction to flat design, we learned two of the most important things: how minimalistic design can be great and how colour coding is a something that people can naturally understand. For example – if you want to indicate water, you could code it with light blue colour, or if you are trying to portray fire, you could use orange colour for the same. But something that is to be noted here is that colour coding is effective only when it is clutter-free, and doesn’t include other colours around it. If these there are too many components or sections or icons, consider adjusting the size of pictures and text to use maximum width in order to introduce white spaces between the components to reduce clutter. Another aspect of using colour coding is that one has to implement natural logic when assigning colour codes to certain components.

Negative Space

As negative as it may sound, the purpose of introducing negative space is quite positive i.e to project the authority of the core subject you want your visitors to notice. Contrast is a very powerful design technique to bring a subject to the front and that is what negative space does. While negative space is generic terms is perceived as a blank space which allows the subject to bear the spotlight; that is not what it is all about. The symmetry of negative space matters a lot, which includes how it interacts with text alignment, image alignment, margin, borders and much more. For example – if you check out Apple’s product pages, a lot of negative space has been used to draw maximum attention of the visitors to the product. Other than Apple, almost all the electronic products are using negative space to keep the focus on their product, especially smartphones.


The placement of text is another decisive feature of your website and largely determines how comprehensive your website can get. While the goal is to make maximum use of infographics and least use of text, the placement of text should be neat. Again, this would increase the effort on designer’s part as it is not simply putting text on the front, rather in some boxes or frames that limit the text from creating clutter. To reduce the amount of text while still enhancing its understandability and appeal, emphasize on explaining topics with too much text, with the help of infographics. However, do not include too many infographic elements in the webpage or it may look congested. Try sticking to 2 infographic elements per 1000 words. Another important thing is text alignment and neatness, which can be achieved with text justification and using only 3 font sizes other than that of title of the page.  

So these were some of the most important elements that form a large portion of a minimalistic design. Also, in order to develop a simplistic outlook for your website, you can first check out some minimalistic website templates on the web and analyse them to come up with some better ideas by yourself. In case you are also planning to get a mobile app along with the website, contact FuGenX - one of the top mobile app and games app development companies, that focuses on creating all types of apps, with great design and functionality.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Which are things need to be considered while mobile app development

Mobile app has revolutionized the digital world. There is a necessity for both small and large businesses to develop mobile apps to stay in the business competition. Most of the time people use smartphone to get done the things. Mobile apps are very much helpful to fulfill customer needs. Due to a heavy demand for mobile apps, the increased number of mobile app development companies came to the market. But only a few app development companies keep up their promises. Mobile app is the best choice for any business to achieve popularity to their business and later connect with the customers. An expert mobile app development company in Mumabi, Noida, Gurgaon and ahmedabad, India, can develop innovative app and make your dream into reality. Here I would like to share some important things that you need to consider before developing your app. android and iphone

Choose the right mobile development partner:
First step, you should take decision on whether you need mobile app developers or develop your own. If you are a startup, it is difficult to develop app your own. In case if you are an established company, you can build your own app. But building a team for only development purpose will less be worth. So better outsource the projects. Once you have developed first version of the app, it will be easier to build with in-house team. If you are trying to build an app by yourself, you need to face some technical knowledge.

If you hire the best iphone (iOS) and android app development company in gurgaon to develop apps for your business, it will be a quite easy task to get high return on low investment. Professionals are obviously highly talented and know the latest updates. So they make your app with utmost care and deliver error free product before the deadline. The professionals can develop an app with better UI\UX design. So this kind of app can make the user stay for longer time.

As per our experience, choosing the professional is the best way to develop best app.

Types of mobile app:

Before going to develop a mobile app, select what type of app you need to develop. There are three types of mobile app. Native, Web and Hybrid app. Hybrid app is a combination of web app and native app. To make this kind of app, cost is very less. The web app is the app developed with HTML elements. These are websites where user can access it in any mobile device through any browser. Native app is developed for specific platforms which one downloads from the app store and use in his device.

Cost Involved:

To develop any app, cost is important. Analyze the cost from the beginning of your project to design and development. So plan your work as per your budget and bring out the best app.

Launching and Marketing:

Now you have an app in your hand. The next step would be launching your app in the app store. Proper app customization is needed to reach the targeted users at the app store (s). Once you have launched your app, the final step is marketing. Proper marketing is very important for any app success.

Need developers to develop your app?

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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

What is the Development Cost of Amazon like E-commerce App?

Brief note on Amazon:

Amazon is one of the largest American e-commerce companies in the world, which sells a wide range of retail products on electronic, home, garden, pet, healthcare, and fashion category. Amazon was the first company which started online retail shopping in USA. The founder of Amazon is Jeff Bezos. Amazon is an inspiration for thousands of online shopping companies worldwide.

Key Features of Amazon App:

1.     An easy search feature in the menu called Department
2.     The menu (Department) consists of all major products
3.     The notification section highlights the upcoming deals and offers.
4.     My Cart, which shows the products added to the cart
5.     Products with images makes it easier for users to reach their exact products, and also the payment gateway which is highly secured
6.     Users can track their products through the order tracking facility

How much it costs to develop an app like Amazon?

The app like Amazon belongs database app category and it generally costs more than simple app. The cost of Amazon like app depends on the following factors:

App Platform: (Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad) or Windows): Some mobile apps development companies in new york say the cost of Amazon like app development on the Android platform is low compared to iOS platform. It varies on geographical location, if it is in India, Android app cost is more than iOS.

App Design: “First impression is the best impression”. Users get impressed with the app for its first look and feel. It depends on the design how the users react to the app. The Amazon app reached a large number of users because of its simplicity and attractiveness. The good design requires the usage of advanced technologies, which obviously costs a bit more. With an intelligent appliance of technology, the app cost can be reduced.

App Size: The app size always depends on the number of features and functions. The more the features and functionalities, the more will be cost. By giving importance to core features in the initial step, the app cost can be reduced to a certain extent.

How much FuGenX costs to develop an amazing app like Amazon?

FuGenX is a global mobile app development company in new york and Bangalore. Being among the premiere IT companies in nyc, it helps e-commerce companies develop revenue-generating apps at affordable cost. FuGenX has won Deloitte Technology award for developing many highly successful e-commerce apps like Big Basket and Blink.

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Monday, 23 May 2016

Why Android Users are Becoming iPhone Users?

Planning to buy a smartphone? Then, I can say, you are surely thinking about the platform which is trending, iOS or Android!

You may have planned to change your device from Android to iPhone. This is not only you, many people, because of the changing trend.

According to CEO of Apple Tim Cook, in the third quarter of 2015 (July to September), 30% of the Android users shifted to iPhone. Between October and December of the same year, the user shifted from Android to iPhone was the highest in number.

Normal smartphone users may think why the Android users are shifting to iPhone. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus created increased demand for the iPhone as they are similar to Android in screen size.

Apple released its first iPhone in 2007. But in the beginning, there was a lack of good voice quality, proper data service and third party apps. After a long travel, iPhone is now good in everything, with supreme voice clarity and data quality, as well as some of the top quality apps developed by the top mobile app development companies in new york.

Let’s know the more reasons for why the Android users are switching to iPhone:

Apps: Apps developed by mobile apps development companies in new york for iPhone attracted a large number of Android users to iPhone. Also the developers or app owners first consider iOS platform to develop apps. Before launching an app in Android Google Play, they first launch it in iOS App Store. After few months of lunching in iOS, Android users will be able to get that app. The live-streaming Periscope app’s new GoPro feature is available only on iPhone. Also Facebook new apps called Facebook Paper App and Facebook Sports Stadium app are also only available on iPhone. To get an early access to new apps, people prefer iPhone.

Security: When comes to the security, Android is less secure compared to iOS. Hackers are likely to get access to personal details on Android devices. Android bugs are helping the hackers to take the complete control over the Android devices. But Apple never compromises with security and apps which is installed also might have bugs when some mobile app development company mumbai or other location companies done some error. 

Google announced that they are having a plan to bring monthly security updates for Nexus devices, but still there is no confirmation for monthly security updates. When Apple releases the security updates, it is available for every iPhone at the same time.

Privacy: The Apple created a website for the user to explain in detail about protecting the private information. Apple always respects the users’ privacy. But Google has kept it at as a last preference.

Periodic software updates: The latest OS of Android is Marshmallow, which was released in last September 2015, but it has been available for only few Android phones, whereas over 50% of Apple users have updated to latest iOS9release within few days of the release.

iCloud: This is one of the most important features in Apple for that a large number of Android users are migrating to iPhone. This feature helps the large amount of data storage in a secured manner but the Android is lacking it.

Handoff and Continuity: These are the two distinct features available in iOS and OS X devices. The user can work in one device and continue it in another device. For example, while making a call from iPhone, you can resume it and continue in the Mac device.

Look and feel: Different devices powered by Android OS are different in look and feel, but iPhone has excellent control on the uniform look and feel as well as features
The above things clearly say how Apple is attracting the users to switch to iPhone from Android.

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Monday, 16 May 2016

Tips to Build a Fruitful Mobile Strategy for 2016

Now it is the season of holidays as well as shopping. Some people plan to visit tourist places and some plan to go shopping. It is the time to discuss about the M-commerce strategy, as it is everything today, used to book holidays and buy products.

Last year, holidays and shopping activities’ major share was taken by M-commerce apps. It shows the how the mobile apps lead the eCommerce shopping. A few years back the way of shopping was different, where the people were directly going to the shopping mall. Now it is completely changed, people like door step delivery because it saves both time and money. If we come to mobile app development, top mobile app development companies in newyork have developed many highly profitable m-commerce apps for their customers. If you don’t have m commerce app, then you would miss a greater number of mobile customers. So, get ready, it is your time to develop an m-commerce strategy for your business that should be powerful and fruitful.

How You Can Analyze Your App?

App performance analysis is very important for any online retailer. Take a look at what you have to analyze and how it will be helpful.

1.     Retention rate

The retention rate for top mobile apps from day 1 to three months is under 50%. The ordinary app loses the retention, which may reach 70%. The best mobile apps development companies in new york help to develop world class apps with special features and UX design, which helps to retain app users.  It is difficult to bring back old customers once he sent your app to the trash can.

2.     Changes on sale

The business goal of m-commerce is to increase sales. If your sales margin is going down, you need to research where the users are unsatisfied with your mobile app.

Tips to build a fruitful mobile app strategy are here for 2016 and I am sure in the upcoming holiday season, you will have a number of users for your mobile app.

     1.     Features and Queries

Place all the data which you gathered from users as pre-feedbacks and resolve the issues which were faced by the users. Check out the remaining features in the app, and customers’ queries, then you can come to know where you’re lacking, and fix it.

2.     Push Notification

Push Notification is the best way to get more traffic. In this, you offer best holiday discounts for the users. The more important is promoting products or services regularly, and the push massages should be around 4 to 5 per week. For pushing notifications, only 10 to 15% users response, though, it leads to more business.

3.     Time Is Everything

Black Friday is one of the biggest holiday seasons, and last year it saw tremendous sales because of web and mobile apps. Online shopping sale of many companies increased nearly triple digit at the time. So you have to make use of every special occasion to trigger sales.

There are a number of online retail shopping companies which have increased sales by offering discounts and offers during holiday seasons. The companies include Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy and B&H.

Have a Plan to Develop Mobile App to Enhance Your Business Performance?

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Thursday, 21 April 2016

You Can Make Your Travel App Strategy Effective With These Considerations!

In the last decade, innovation in the mobile world was tremendous. Now, the world is at the fingertips of mobile users. Mobile users are now getting real time information which they need anytime, anywhere. We are here to discuss the emergence of technology in tourism.  According to a study, mobile app development companies new york have developed thousands of mobile apps that have acquired more than a billion users, in which travel apps are greater in number. Also, the travel related apps’ downloading rate also improved considerably in the last 2 years in the play stores.

More than 150 million travelers who have smartphones prefer app for hotel room booking, and flight booking, etc. Among tour operators and tourists, it brings happiness with multi-benefits.

But the shocking news is more than 40% of travel apps are failing to get benefits from this. There are many reasons for this painful hit. The lack of funding, underperforming resources, and poor strategy. Proper strategy is like a powerful pillar for a multi-storey skyscraper. It is vital for any successful mobile app.

When a competitor implemented new technology, then you also need to upgrade your business with that. Then only you can reach your business goal and be up to date. This is also a part of clever app strategy. Mobile apps development companies in new york are among the top app development companies that provide innovative and creative travel app development services with result-oriented strategy. Strategy is requisite for any travel and tourism company before initiating mobile apps development. Below, you are given with mobile app strategy for tourism.

Things that Your Travel App Strategy Must Include:


The purpose is the most important thing in the mobile app development because it will decide mobile app is needed or not for your business. You should decide whether you need app only to provide info, or it as a communication tool or to enable customers to book the service. When planning for it, focus more on user benefits.

Find your targeted customers and their needs

After setting up the goal, then finding your targeted customers and their requirements is the next step. In a detailed study, I came to know that more than 70% of USA travelers book travel tickets through mobile friendly websites and mobile apps.

If you see 80% of travelers share their photos and tourist spot snaps with their friends and family through Facebook. It means you have to integrate social media plugins into your app, which makes users share things instantly. Also 40% of them use apps to check nearby tourist spots when they are on tour. So get in touch with them to draw more bookings. This kind of research will help you to plan mobile app better.

Mobile app cost

Before starting to develop an app, you need to allocate or plan the budget and also return on investment, so many mobile app projects get stopped while even in developing stage because of lack of funds. Depending on the mobile features, the cost may increase or decrease. If you want your app should satisfy your customers, then you need to spend good money. To decrease the cost, you can eliminate some secondary features.

Wow factor!!

Finally, when you launched app to the market, users should feel wow about your app. The wow factor is a not a core part, but in travel like businesses, you need this to make them revisit. Also whenever customers need your service and you served them on time, it also makes them to revisit your business. Also, people always prefer for additional values for their money, so adding the discounts and attractive offers can create more value to your app. It delights them to revisit your app.

Want to Develop Travel App with Proper Strategy?

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Thursday, 7 April 2016

Is it possible to manage app development cost with these strategies?

The most common problems faced by app developers and app owners in the app world are unable to complete the project within budget and get the desired app within assured budget respectively. Generally when the application development going on the floor, its cost also goes over the floor. But mobile apps development companies new york are well known for being honest to their assurance, and complete task within the assured budget.

Here are the best tips that you need to consider to avoid your app development budget going higher:

1.    Proper app strategy

When developing a mobile app, a proper and result-oriented app strategy is very important. This includes not only identifying the features and name of the app, it also includes including the business objectives in the app. If the app plan is inaccurate or miss features, then the app budget definitely fluctuates during the development.
American, especially mobile app development companies in new york have a certain route map for the app development to avoid the misunderstanding between two sides.

2.    User understanding

It is always crucial understanding customers’ expectations from your app. If your requirement is understood by developers properly, then only the users expectation will get fulfilled.

Most of the app development companies fail in implementing this even though you know it very well, but the best mobile app developmentcompany in new york can develop your app according to your and your customers’ expectations.

Setting up your app goals based on the users’ expectation will help the developers clearly understand the features that they need to implement in the app. It also helps them to predict how many hours it will take to develop the app.

3.    Developing the app on one platform first

Most of the app owners want to develop the app for both Android and iOS at the same time as well as for Blackberry and Windows sometimes. App owners think that developing an app at the same time on all platforms doesn’t take much time and we can cover all sorts of users in a short time. But this is not fruitful in all cases, why because you mayn’t handle all the challenges coming during the development process if you are new to app development.

Going with a single platform will give the mobile app developers a clear route map of app development that includes from designing to launching.

When you start to develop for a second platform, you can rectify the problems where it may come and it helps you to avoid such problems during the development.  So, that you can avoid the additional cost and time for the second platform.


Make a proper app strategy, understand your users better and develop for the required platform, you will get desired app.

Want to develop a successful mobile app?

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